Bio-Cells Regulation Therapy #03-33

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No Needles, No Drugs

Safe & Non-Invasive

When you have tried all conventional pain treatment methods your pain or injury does not respond fully, or when you need to accelerate recovery (e.g. post-surgery, fracture) – Biological Cells Regulation Therapy is for you.

The technology is developed and patented in Germany using micro-current to regulate and restore disrupted metabolic processes in our human body systems. The healing and regeneration processes are activated and accelerated. Inflammatory processes are regulated. Blood circulation and lymphatic system are stimulated; thus improving cellular metabolism.

A program is developed for each individual tailored to the current and subsequent status of the individual. Biological Cells Regulation allows treatment of muscular syndromes, sports injuries, joints, fractures, open wounds and inflammation. Relief can be achieved not just in respect of acute pain, chronic conditions such as arthrosis, arthritis, stress-induced migraines and fibromyalgia can also find relief.

#03-33, Alexandra Central, Alexandra Road, Singapore.